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Las Palmas, Canary Islands
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Located on the circular island of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas is one of three distinct areas that exist in this region.Las Palmas is the capital, and is home to 370,000 inhabitants.It is a shipping port and a thriving, fast-paced business center.The south coast is completely different, with glorious white-sand beaches that stretch for miles.Next is the interior of the island, which is rural and fairly plain.Las Palmas is the largest and most active city in all of the Canary Islands.A multicultural and diverse region, tourists, sailors, shoppers, and heavy traffic make it an incredibly bustling port city.The city is lined on one side with docks that house huge container ships.On the other side, four-and-a-half mile long Canteras Beach stretches down the shore.Las Palmas connects two waterfronts of the Gran Canaria Peninsula that stretches for six miles.The northern end of the peninsula is the portion that sees the most action.However, the southern end is where the majority of noteworthy and interesting sights are located.The Plaza Santa Ana is a great place to start your tour of Las Palmas.The bronze dog statues in the plaza are intriguing, and have an interesting history.Ancient explorers found a rare breed of dog on the Grand Canaria Island, and they named the island after these dogs, not after the yellow songbird, as one might presume.This particular breed of mutt is named Canum in Latin, hence the name Canary.Years later, however, the aforementioned birds were, in fact, named after the island. There is a surprising amount of fantastic nightlife and dining facilities on the island,mostly located in Las Palmas, and you will not be disappointed with the great selection of restaurants, discos, and hot night spots.The fabulous sights and nature areas on Las Palmas are complemented by the wide array of activities available once the sun sets.
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