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The Canary Islands are culturally and geographically Spanish, but these islands are all unique and each offers tourists a different flavor. The Canaries have long served as a retreat off the coast of Africa; a place for Europeans to enjoy respite. However, today they are able to stand alone as tourist destinations and trading meccas where visitors from around the world come specifically to enjoy the way of life here.

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. This is a classic tropical island where the climate is always spring-like. Mild, balmy air drifts across the shores and invites tourists to spend their time outdoors soaking up the warm, moist air and sunshine. Tenerife has fertile ground that is especially conducive to agriculture and botany. For that reason, you will find countless different types of plant life, fruits and vegetables growing all over the island. From its banana plantations to its lush tropical gardens to its rocky coast and dramatic cliffs, the natural elements of Tenerife will undoubtedly overwhelm your senses. Diversity is key to the island's scenic charm. You may spend the morning touring a humid botanical garden inland and the afternoon hiking in the cool wind along the stunning coast. You will be amazed at the friendliness that this island exudes. The people of Tenerife are known for their eagerness to share their colorful cultures and traditions with outsiders. It is not uncommon for locals to invite tourists to outdoor festivals and performances. And certainly, tourists are encouraged to participate in the festivities that happen year round. Music, dance, food and sporting events play into everyday life in a way that makes each moment here feel like a true tropical celebration.

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