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Code Airport Name City Country
ABA Abakan Airport Abakan Russia
AER Alder Sochi Arpt Adler Sochi Russia
DYR Anadyr Airport Anadyr Russia
AAQ Anapa Airport Anapa Russia
ARH Arkhangelsk Airport Arkhangelsk Russia
BAX Barnaul Airport Barnaul Russia
BTK Bratsk Airport Bratsk Russia
HTA Chita Airport Chita Russia
IKT Irkutsk Airport Irkutsk Russia
IJK Izhevsk Airport Izhevsk Russia
KGD Kaliningrad Airport Kaliningrad Russia
KZN Kazan Airport Kazan Russia
KEJ Kemerovo Airport Kemerovo Russia
KHV Khabarovsk Novyy Khabarovsk Russia
HMA Khanty Mansiysk Airport Khanty Mansiysk Russia
KXK Komosomolsk Na Amure Komsomolsk Na Amure Russia
KRR Krasnodar Airport Krasnodar Russia
KJA Krasnoyarsk Airport Krasnoyarsk Russia
GDX Magadan Airport Magadan Russia
MQF Chelyabinsk Magnitogorsk Russia
MCX Makhachkala Airport Makhachkala Russia
MRV Mineralnye Vody Arpt Mineralnye Vody Russia
MJZ Mirny Airport Mirny Russia
MOW Moscow Airports Moscow Russia
SVO Sheremetyevo Arpt Moscow Russia
VKO Vnukovo Arpt Moscow Russia
BKA Bykovo Arpt Moscow Russia
DME Domodedovo Arpt Moscow Russia
NAL Kabard-balkaria Nal'chik Russia
NER Yakutia Neryungri Russia
NJC Nizhnevartovsk Arpt Nizhnevartovsk Russia
GOJ Nizhniy Novgorod Airport Nizhniy Novgorod Russia
NSK Valek, Taymiria Noril'sk Russia
NOZ Kemerovo Novokuznetsk Russia
OVB Tolmachevo Arpt Novosibirsk Russia
NUX Yamal Nenetsia Novyy Urengoyy Russia
NOJ Yamal Nenetsia Noyabr'sk Russia
OMS Tsentralnyy (central Airport Omsk Russia
REN Tsentralnyy Orenburg Russia
OSW Orenburg Orsk Russia
PEE Bolshoye Savino Perm Russia
PKC Yelizovo Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy Russia
PYJ Polyarny, Yakutia Airport Polyarnyj Russia
RAT Raduzhnyy, Magadan Airport Raduzhnyy Russia
ROV Rostov Airport Rostov-na-donu Russia
KUF Samara Airport Samara Russia
SKD Samarqand Airport Samarkand Russia
RTW Tsentralnyy Saratov Russia
ULY Vostochnyy (eastern Airport) Simbirsk Russia
LED Pulkovo Airport St Petersburg Russia
STW Shpakovskoye Stavropol Russia
SGC Surgut, Khantia-mansia Airport Surgut Russia
SCW Syktyvkar Airport Syktyvkar Russia
IKS Tiksi Airport Tiksi Russia
TOF Bogashevo Tomsk Russia
TJM Roshchino Tyumen Russia
UFA Ufa Airport Ufa, Bashkiria Russia
UCT Ust-ukhta Ukhta Khomia Russia
UUD Mukhino Ulan-ude Russia
UIK Nevon Ust'ilimsk Russia
OGZ Beslan Vladikavkaz Russia
VVO Vladivostok Arpt Vladivostok Russia
VLK Volgodonsk, Rostov Airport Volgodonsk Russia
VOG Gumrak Volgograd Russia
VKT Vorkuta, Komia Airport Vorkuta Russia
VOZ Voronezh Airport Voronezh Russia
YKS Yakutsk, Yakutia Airport Yakutsk Russia
SVX Koltsovo Airport Yekaterinburg Russia
UUS Khomutovo Yuzhno-sakhalinsk Russia

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